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Window Replacement Services in Eastern PA & Western NJ

Home Improvement Services in Coplay

Master's Home Solutions is a third-generation, family-owned company that performs home remodeling services for customers in Eastern Pennsylvania and Western New Jersey. We are a proud member of the communities we have served for more than six decades.

We provide full-service residential and commercial remodeling services throughout the Lehigh Valley, the Poconos and the surrounding areas of Coplay. With our large, professionally trained crews, we can handle every aspect of your project from start to finish. Throughout each step of the process, we will deliver superior craftsmanship and top-notch customer service.

Quality Home Renovations in Coplay

With our premium products and experienced technicians, Master's Home Solutions is your one-stop source for remodeling projects for homeowners throughout our region. We offer comprehensive interior and exterior remodeling services, including:

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Master's Home Solutions has set the standard for home improvement projects in Eastern PA and Western NJ for many years. Contact us at 610-463-0207 to learn more about our home improvement services in Coplay and surrounding areas.

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Customer Reviews from Coplay
Joe And Sherry L. from Coplay, PA
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Mar 30th, 2018
Homeowner from Coplay, PA
5 Stars
Reviewed on Guild Quality
Apr 21st, 2016
My husband and I like doing business with local, family-owned businesses such as Master's. This company is very professional, and they strive to please their customers. The materials and workmanship are of high quality and the clean-up was excellent. Also, the contractors and office staff communicate effectively and return phone calls promptly. Everyone was cordial to work with, and our home looks great!
Homeowner from Coplay, PA
5 Stars
Reviewed on Guild Quality
Apr 19th, 2016
We think that Scott Carsia was very professional. The crew did excellent work and we are very happy.
Homeowner from Coplay, PA
5 Stars
Reviewed on Guild Quality
Apr 14th, 2016
They are a quality firm that handles everything professionally from start to finish in a timely fashion.
W. T from Coplay, PA
5 Stars
Reviewed on GAF
Oct 21st, 2015
Completed Jobs from Coplay
After Bath 1 Joe & Sherry
March 30, 2018
We replaced both of their bathrooms in 2 days!
Estimate Requests from Coplay
joe l. on April 6, 2018 3:32:56pm
Hi, I sent the email below to info@mastersconstruction.com but not sure how oftern that email address in monitored so I cut and pasted my message here: Hi, my name is Joe Lorah, I had my bathrooms worked on last Thursday and Friday. It's been a week and no one has contacted me about finishing the job, which mainly was spackling the wall and also fixing my wall. Peter, your salesman, said the job will be completed and paint ready in 2 days. Also, your website says my bathroom was completed in two days (which I request you please remove my name from there as soon as you can) but it's been a week and nothing has been done. In addition I still have a water mark on my kitchen ceiling that needs at least one more coat of paint. It's unacceptable to not follow up about the water stain or the spackling at all. Not even a phone call. The only call I received was from the photographer on Thursday asking if we could do a testimonial. I told him no because of the issues, I won't until they are fixed. He said he would pass on the information. I called Nathan Thursday afternoon and also today at 2:27 and as of now, still have not heard back. Since the job wasn't completed, I had to postpone the painter I hired until further notice. Your guys also said it would take 4 trips to spackle. Far different story then paint ready in 2 days from what Peter said. Other issues are my faucet still sticks in the up postion and to get it to work I have to pull up on it a couple of times. Although the water pressure is better it's still not what it was before the remodel. The gentleman asked if we wanted an access panel, I said yes, and he never put one it. He also put up something along the bottom of the master shower to prevent water from getting it, but it still does. And lastly, we are waiting on piece for the master bathroom to be installed. I'm hoping that was ordered. As of now, I am very dissatisfied and would not recommend your services to anyone. Can somone please get back to me and also please remove my name from your website as soon as you can. Thank you Joe 610-349-1011