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22 reviews

One Day Bath Remodel

Paul G.

Kept promise to finish bath in 1 day.

Whitehall, PA Remodeling Review

Elizabeth H.

Great workmanship friendly would recommend to everyone.

Bathroom Remodel Review

Fred D.

Quality of products unknown. Will give 5 stars upon use of shower.

Hatfield, PA Project Review

Dave B.

Everyone has been personal and friendly and respectful. They treated our home as it was their own.

We Recommend Them to Our Family and Friends

Ester G.

A couple months ago we did some research on Google to find a company in Palmerton to replace our roof. The roof had been leaking for quite some time and we knew we could no longer put it off. We found a company called Master?s Home Solutions and decided to call them out. When the salesman from their company arrived at our home, he took some measurements and gave us a quote. We were not comfortable with their price at all as it was completely out of our budget, but they had some great benefits to using their company including the Cruise Voucher. We really liked their company and the Cruise Voucher, so we ended up taking out a loan just to cover the costs, but we?re happy we did. Masters did a really great job installing our new roof. Based on our experience we would recommend them to our family and friends.

Great Job

Timothy O.

Our shower was leaking, and we didn?t want to have mold in our bathroom, so we started researching and found Master?s Home Solution. They came over and instead of just doing the shower, they remodeled the whole bathroom. They gave us a Condo travel Voucher which tipped the scale in their favor, it was a major deciding factor. It?s always a good feeling when you get something back after spending so much money. They did a great job and we are very happy with our remodeled bathroom.

You Have Our Loyalty

Malcolm M.

When we bought our home, the previous owners had taken the tub out of the bathroom and we wanted it back in there. We researched and found 3 companies, one of them was Master?s Home Solution. They were the first people to meet and we were so impressed with them we cancelled the other two appointments. The impressive points were before and after pictures, the salesperson and receiving the Condo Voucher on top of everything else. They finished the job on time, and my wife is taking care of the booking for the Condo travel Voucher. You have our loyalty Master?s Home Solution.

Great Reviews

Lorna M.

I wanted to remodel my bathroom, so I started searching for remodeling companies around my neighborhood. I found Master?s Home Solutions and they had great reviews. At our initial meeting, they presented me with a Cruise Voucher. This travel Voucher and their reviews sealed the deal for me. They finished the remodel and I am loving my luxury bathtub and my remodeled bathroom. I am not able to utilize the Cruise Voucher, but it?s a great gift to my daughter. Thank you, Master?s Home Solutions.

Bathroom Repair and Remodel

Linda S.

I bought a home in mid 2018 when I moved from California to Pennsylvania. My daughter had gotten into a really bad accident in Pennsylvania and she couldn?t move from the waist down. A couple of months ago my shower wall collapsed, and I needed to get it repaired immediately. I found a Master?s Home Solution on Home Advisor. Once they came over, they gave me a quote on a new shower and a Resort Voucher, just for doing business with them. They ended up replacing our bathroom floors as well. The Resort Voucher was a big bonus for us. We were all so excited to get this voucher after everything we?ve been through.

They are the best!

Roselyn K.

Master?s Home Solution is a local company and we had heard good things about them. When we had to replace our roof, we obviously turned to Master?s Home Solution. They are fantastic, communicative, and professional and, they gave us a Condo Voucher. This Condo Voucher swayed us in their favor. Even though we like Master?s Home Solution, it?s always nice to get something back after you spend a lot of money for your home. They are the best, Thank you again Master?s Home Solution.

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