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Lehigh Valley Gutter Guards

If you think gutter guards are only designed to protect your gutters, it’s time to think again. These small but critical features are actually made to protect your entire home exterior—from the smaller stuff like soffits and fascia to the larger components like roofing, siding, landscaping, and even your home’s foundation.

Here’s the deal.

Without an effective and durable gutter guard installation, your Lehigh Valley home is at risk of significant moisture and water damage! So instead of waiting for your gutters to clog and overflow, reach out to Master’s Home Solutions today. We offer a wide variety of gutter protection solutions to suit any style of home and any remodeling budget.

Invest in Your Home with Custom Gutter Protection

At Master’s Home Solutions, we’ve been a locally based, family-owned remodeling business since 1957. We have decades of built-up knowledge around effective gutter systems, and we take the time to design an effective solution for each individual property—taking into account its unique architecture, size, location, landscaping, and more.

We’ll help you preserve the integrity of your Lehigh Valley home with gutter protection that is:

  • Subtle: Because our gutter guards have a low-profile design, they remain invisible from ground level and won’t impact your home’s curb appeal.
  • Durable: We install heavy-gauge aluminum gutters and gutter protection made from tough materials like metal, polyurethane, or micro-mesh screens.
  • Dependable: With over 60 years of experience, our gutter guard installers know how to properly secure gutter guards to withstand challenging weather conditions.
  • Guaranteed: Our gutter guards are so effective that they come with a 20-year no-clog warranty!

Learn More About Our Gutter Guards and Get Your Free Quote

Don’t let outdated, flimsy, or cheap gutter guards impact your home’s weather resistance. Call Master’s Home Solutions today to schedule a free gutter evaluation. Depending on your needs, we can replace only your gutter guards or your entire gutter system—each at a competitive price with 100% financing plans available. Our gutter guard installers have earned A+ BBB accreditation and satisfied over 5,000 happy customers in the last five years alone!

Explore our heavy-duty seamless gutters today by giving us a call. You can also fill out our quick online form to grab your free, no-pressure cost estimate now.