When homeowners are having a window replacement project done for their homes, they have a lot of things to think about, such as where they can get affordable replacement windows and finding the right contractor for the job. However, what some forget is that they also have two choices as to what kind of replacement they want done: insert or full-frame.

Here are the differences between the two.

Insert Window Replacements

Insert window replacements is when a contractor installs the new windows in the existing window frame. During this replacement process, only the old sash, hardware and covers will be removed and replaced, preserving the current interior and exterior trims. Due to this, the expenses of the replacement are lower than usual. However, keep in mind that this is only an option if the frames are still structurally sound, and you might also see a slight reduction in glass space in the process.

Full-Frame Window Replacements

Compared to insert window replacements, your contractor can perform a full-frame replacement by completely removing the existing windows down to the studs to allow a brand new window to be installed in the opening. This allows the contractor to inspect for and repair water damage. Other than that, it also offers homeowners flexibility to replace the window with a new style or size.

Unlike insert window replacements, however, this method is more extensive as it involves the removal of the old interior and exterior trm, which results in a higher replacement cost as a result.

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