There are many ways to give your bathroom a quick upgrade. From getting a replacement shower to fixing up its lighting, it’s fairly straightforward to give this small but busy room in your home a brand-new look. One way to accomplish this is by replacing its windows.

Ideally, you want to have as many windows as you can in a bathroom. However, every home is different so it might not always be viable to fill the walls with replacement windows. Here are a few solutions from our remodeling pros at Master's Home Solutions.

Increase the Size

Small bathrooms can be made to look bigger with more light so talk to a professional bathroom remodeler about getting bigger replacement windows. Bigger bathrooms can accommodate more than one window so natural light shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Of course, getting large windows also brings with it some privacy challenges. Luckily, this is quite easy to resolve.

Improve Privacy

Large and transparent windows are a bad idea for bathrooms, particularly if the room is at street level or is facing your neighbor’s home. In these cases, designers recommend stained or frosted variants. These styles of windows allow plenty of natural daylight in without sacrificing much-needed privacy for your bathroom.

Choose Styles Carefully

Of all the rooms in a house, bathrooms are perhaps one of the most humid. During your bathroom remodeling, ensure that one or more of the windows you choose are operable. This means you can open them to increase ventilation and lower humidity levels inside your bathroom. Certain styles of windows can be made to be operable, making them better choices for your remodel.

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