Efficient windows can significantly contribute to your home’s energy efficiency. Meanwhile, windows with broken seals will allow heated or conditioned air to escape your home, resulting in higher energy costs. 

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Harsh Elements

While window seals are made to endure outdoor elements, they can only take so much. For instance, certain types of window seals tend to fail due to extended moisture exposure. Water can also cause the metal parts of some weatherstripping to rust, which can lead to corrosion if not addressed immediately.

Temperature Changes

Because window seals are located in your home’s exterior, they are more exposed to temperature extremes. Sudden and extreme temperature changes can cause some types of window seals to shrink, sag, or crack, making them less effective. 

Improper Installation

There’s a high chance that your contractor committed an installation error if your window seals failed relatively early after replacement. They may have used the wrong sealant or didn’t give it sufficient time to set. It’s also possible that the window seal got damaged during installation. To avoid this problem, make sure to hire an experienced window contractor like Master’s Home Solutions. We can also help with your home siding replacement and bathroom remodel. 

Poor Maintenance

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to caring for your window’s weatherstripping. Some state cleaning products can and can’t be used for them. Keep in mind that the required maintenance for window seals varies by material. 

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