During the colder months, your siding doesn’t only provide protection but also helps in keeping your interior comfortable. However, freezing temperatures can cause damage to this part of your home, which if not addressed can turn into costly repairs.  Your trusted exterior and bathroom remodeler shares types of siding damage to watch out for this winter.  Lamination Failure Wood siding usually has a layer of lamination for added protection. Constant exposure to heavy snow can cause this layer to wear off, which can allow moisture to seep into the wood and make it prone to rot. When not tackled immediately, rot can spread to your home’s structure, roof, and interior.  Cracking Extreme or sudden temperature changes can cause siding panels to crack or break. Unfortunately, affected pieces can’t be repaired but only replaced. Check your siding from time to time to make sure it doesn’t have cracks. Contact a local contractor as soon as you see something wrong with your siding. At Master’s Home Improvements, we’re here to help with all your exterior and bathroom remodeling needs.  Missing Siding Missing siding can leave your home exposed to harsh elements. It can occur due to harsh winds during storms or faulty installation. You must address this problem ASAP to prevent moisture infiltration and heat loss.  Water Damage Moisture damage isn’t always easy to detect. Your home could be suffering from it and you don’t even know it. When ignored, this problem can compromise your home’s structural integrity and cause mold growth, which can be harmful to your family’s health.  Whether you’re looking for a replacement shower or need new siding, you can count on Master’s Home Solutions. We have been providing superior interior and exterior remodeling services for more than six decades. Call us at (610) 463-0207 or complete our online form to get a free estimate.