It’s normal for roofs to have a sheen of frost on top of them during winter. However, there can also be an instance where all your neighbors have frost on their roofs while you don’t. This is not necessarily a good or bad thing. Should You Worry About Frost on Your Roof?

During manufacturing, roofing materials are tested to ensure they can withstand impact, weather extremes and temperature changes. If your roof is well-maintained and doesn’t have issues, you shouldn’t worry about frost.

The presence of frost can be a good thing while the lack of it can indicate an issue with your home. Before you start to worry, make sure that the lack of frost is because of a roofing problem and not due to outdoor elements. Your roof may be lacking frost because it’s more exposed to sunlight than other homes in your neighborhood.

What a Lack of Frost Means

The lack of frost may require you to contact a roofer to inspect your insulation and roofing system. It can be a sign that heat is escaping from your attic onto the roof, causing the frost to melt. If the frost is melting unevenly, it can indicate that your home is losing heat due to insufficient insulation.

Visit your attic, and check the insulation. Look for spots where there is more insulation than others and whether it’s missing in some areas. Improper insulation can be a result of a poor HVAC or roofing job. It can cause your heating system to work harder to keep your living spaces warm, resulting in higher energy costs.

Proper maintenance will help keep your roof in good shape all-year-round. Hire a reputable roofing company to take care of your investment. At Master’s Home Solutions, we’re here to help with your home exterior needs. Call us at (610) 463-0207, or complete our online form to get a free estimate.