The winter season is a joyous time for everyone. After all, it’s a sign that the holidays are near. Plus, if you live in an area that sees snow during the season, you’re bound to have a fun time with your friends and family. However, much to the displeasure of some homeowners, the winter season can also bring a few problems, most notably those involving doors.5 Door Issues You May Encounter This Winter Season

  1. Icy locks - If you live in a place that experiences snow and ice during winter, the weather can compromise your home security as they can cause your locks to freeze in place. Thankfully, there is a way around this; consider heating your key with a candle so the ice will melt when you use it. Alternatively, you can also use a lock de-icer to get rid of the ice.
  2. Worn-out weatherstripping - The weatherstripping is an important component of any door as it can block drafts coming from the outdoors. With that in mind, if you begin to feel drafts around your door this winter, get a professional to install new weatherstripping immediately so you can save on energy.
  3. Loose screws - During winter, the screws of your door may come loose due to the sudden changes in humidity and temperature. This can cause your door to sag and not fit squarely within the frame, causing it to stick. Therefore, if you notice any loose screws on your door, tighten them immediately.
  4. Fading - The cold weather and dampness that the winter season brings can ruin your doors appearance by causing it to fade and lose its vibrant color. To prevent this from happening, ask a pro to apply a few treatments to your door to protect it from the moisture. If you’re already replacing your door, on the other hand, have your new front door installers install an entry door made of fiberglass material, which is moisture resistant to prevent fading.
  5. Door binds - One of the most common winter door issues, binds are located in the upper corner of the jamb, pulling down at the door an angle from the top corner. This is often caused by the door or its frame expanding and contracting due to weather fluctuations, causing it to get stuck. As fixing this problem can be a complicated task, be sure to call a professional to get the job done instead of doing it yourself.
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