There are a lot of reasons why gutters suffer from premature deterioration and damage. They are among the most overlooked parts of the home exterior maintenance process. This is because a gutter inspection is rarely done by local home improvement companies.

When gutters are neglected, small problems can escalate into bigger problems over time. Here are the top four causes of gutter damage.

  1. Accumulation of Debris
This is usually caused by moss buildup, especially after a heavy rain or snow. Over time, debris from trees like leaves, twigs, seeds and fruits can accumulate in the gutters. Even granules from aging shingles can contribute to this problem, leading to a blockage.
  1. Faulty Gutter Installation 
The gutter should be the drainage system of the roof. But when the contractors fail to install the gutters properly, everything in the system can go wrong. Water can accumulate in the different parts of the roof because of leveling problems in the pipes. When this happens, water leaks inside the roof will soon follow.
  1. Dislodge Joints
The pipes in your gutter system should be properly installed. When they are dislocated or when cracks form, problems will arise in the drainage of water. Dislodged pipes can be caused by improper installation, animals or falling branches. Always check the gutter for cracked or dislocated joints.

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