Siding is not just there to decorate your home's facade. It’s also there to serve as an extra layer of protection for your home. And, just like other home improvement projects, picking the right siding is very important.

Home siding plays a significant role in keeping your home safe and sound. Your home exterior needs to be tough enough to endure the ravages of nature, which is why your exterior structure should be made with strong materials, such as vinyl, metal, wood and fiber cement.

Here's how your siding protects your home.

  1. Protection Against Leaks 
Siding acts as protective barriers against air leaks. The second layer of protective covering prevents water or moisture from entering your walls, which will otherwise cause rot or damage to the wall surface and open the way to bigger problems down the road.
  1. Maximizing Insulation
The extra layer of siding serves as protection from heat, especially from the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays. Also, most siding materials can resist heat transference.
  1. Protection From Dirt and Pests
Dirt, mold and pests can be easily washed off from the surface of home siding. They prevent the accumulation of dirt on your wall surface, which could otherwise damage the structure and cause bigger problems.

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