Different Types of Windows

Replacement windows come in many different styles and designs. Which type of windows you choose for your home is dependent on which style is best for your home and your budget. The options you have include energy efficient windows, modern and stylish windows, simple, and customizable replacement window options.

Choosing the right kind of window for your home is important since this will have a bearing not only on how your house will look but also on its overall value. To help you out, here are some of the more popular window styles you can choose from and what they can bring to your home:

  • Bow and Bay Windows – When you want to extend your home via your windows, a bay window or bow window is what you need. These usually consist of three or more windows jutting out of your home, with bay windows having three panels forming an extended shelf on an exterior wall and bow windows having three or more panels forming an extended arch, also on an exterior wall.
  • Awning and Casement Windows – Both of these window styles open outward, with the former opening upward and outward to form an “awning,” and the latter opening outward and to the sides. Both of these windows open on a hinge and are considered one of the more energy efficient choices because of such a mechanism.
  • Single Hung and Double Hung Windows – Probably one of the most common window designs around, these are windows that open on a slider mechanism. The difference between the single and double hung windows is that the single hung window only has one panel that can be opened while the double hung has both panels that can be opened. To open single hung windows, the lower sash can be pushed upwards. Double hung windows have upper and lower sashes that can be pushed in the opposite direction to be opened.
  • Garden Windows – If you are looking for a window that can double as an indoor garden, a garden window is what you need. Similar to bow and bay windows in that they also jut out of the side of your home, this type of window is usually found in kitchens and are used to carry pots of herbs and other plants.
  • Picture Windows – If you love grand, unobstructed views of the outdoors from inside your home, a picture window is what you should install. As the name implies, it gives you a “picture” of the outdoors with its full-panel of clear glass. The only downside of a picture window is you cannot open it and it can be a bit difficult to clean, especially if it is used on an upstairs room or space.
These are just a few of the more popular window options you can choose from Masters Home Solutions when you are thinking of replacing the windows you currently have in your home in Eastern PA & Western NJ areas. Aside from helping you choose the right window from our selection of replacement windows, we also offer window installationsiding installation, and bathroom renovations.

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