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Shower Replacement Service in Eastern PA & Western NJ

Shower Replacement Service in Eastern PA & Western NJ

Taking a shower is a daily task, but it does not have to be boring or forgettable. You can enjoy a luxurious bathing experience every morning with a replacement shower from Master's Home Solution, complete with with the custom surrounds and enclosures to support it in grand style.

Whether your current shower has broken fixtures, grimy grout or simply is outdated, the time is right to upgrade to one of our new shower systems for your home in the Poconos or the Lehigh Valley. You can finish it out with a roll-in bath or a lavish, spa-like shower head to make your bathing experience memorable. Our certified installers can have your new system up and running in as little as one day.

Every homeowner dreams of the perfect shower experience. Make yours happen with a durable, low-maintenance replacement shower from Master’s Home Solutions and become the envy of fellow residents in Eastern Pennsylvania and Western New Jersey.

Reasons to Trust Master's Home Solutions

  • Local Knowledge: We're a third-generation, family-owned company that is invested in your community.
  • Flexible Financing: Multiple financial plans available to fit any budget.
  • Custom Choices: Select from a huge inventory of shower replacement products in custom colors and styles.
  • Durable Construction: Multi-layer acrylic construction guarantees no cracks, chips, dents or discoloration.
  • Easy Cleaning: non porous and naturally microbe free acrylic.
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Is it time to make your bathing experience memorable on a daily basis? Let Master's Home Solutions make that a reality with one of our replacement showers. 

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When it is time to say goodbye to your dingy, outdated shower, it is time let Master's Home Solutions install your replacement. Contact us at 610-463-0207 for more details or to get a free estimate. We do much more than simply showers, whether your needs call for a full bathroom remodel, some replacement siding or even a set of elegant bow windows. Master's Home Solutions is the most trusted name in the region for customers in need of home renovation.

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