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Home Improvement Tips for Small Bathrooms

Getting Rid of Hot Spots in Your Home

Not every homeowner is blessed with lots of space for their bathroom, but this does not mean that you will have to be happy with the bare essentials when it comes to your bathing needs. No matter how limited your bathroom space may be, you can find ways to make the area work for you. You won’t have to go without some of the bathroom accessories you want and need just because you think there is no space for it.

To help you create a bathroom with everything you need despite the cramped space, here are some tips that can prove useful:

  • Install your sink in a corner – Make the most of the limited space by placing such essentials like the sink in a corner. This will help free up space and allow for easy movement around the bathroom.
  • Combine your bathtub and shower – If you cannot do without a bathtub but have space only for a shower or a tub, you can combine both in a combination fixture. This will give you the choice to either take a quick shower or soak in a tub when you want to without each fixture eating up too much space.
  • Place shelves above your toilet – The space above your toilet can be put to good use with shelves where you can put towels and other toiletries that are usually placed in a linen closet. Just make sure that these are high enough so that no one will get hit on the head with a shelf when they stand up.
  • Create the illusion of space with an end-to-end mirror – You can create the illusion that you have a big bathroom by installing a mirror that stretches from one end of your bathroom wall to the other. This will make your bathroom look twice as large and can give you enough mirror space for two or more people.
  • Install towel racks behind your door – This is another space-saving trick. Find a double towel rack and install it behind your bathroom door so that your racks don’t occupy any wall space.

These are just a few of the tricks you can use to help create more space in your bathroom. You can also choose to install a bathroom mirror with hidden closet space in the back that you can access by sliding the mirror to the side. These are just a few of the bathroom renovations you can make for your home in Eastern PA & Western NJ. Other bathroom solutions that you can trust from Master’s Home Solutions include tub-to-shower conversions, shower-to-tub conversions, wall surround installation, and complete bathroom remodeling services.

No matter what bathroom improvement needs you're looking for, at Master's Home Solutions, we are here to help you. Contact us at 610-463-0207 to learn more about our bathroom renovation services and options that will work best for your home and your budget.